Adult Talent Agencies

Sex sells, so it is no surprise that the adult industry is massive all around the world. The industry would be nothing though without the stars of the show, and there are hundreds of adult talent agencies across the world to fill vacancies in all areas of the industry such as adult films, magazines, and a whole host of other things.

Adult Talent Agency

The center of the world’s adult / porn industry used to be in Los Angeles and because this is where most of the work is, but these days the adult industry has become a lot more geographically spread out in both the USA, Europe and other parts of the world. Most of the top adult talent agencies in the USA are located in California and Florida, although there are a few smaller adult talent agencies in other cities as well.

In this article we shall look at one of the oldest and largest adult talent agencies, Internet Modeling.

Internet Modeling

Internet Modeling is based in Tampa, Florida, and they cater to aspiring female, male and transsexual models with no prior experience in adult modeling. Internet Modeling recruits models for many large adult video and live webcam sites, and most of the models they hire are just starting out in adult modeling for the very first time. There are no agency fees at Internet Modeling unlike many others, and they are always looking to hire new porn actresses of any size, shape and race.

Porn Models

Internet Modeling also has an agent program which pays you for helping them recruit new pornstars and webcam models. As an agent, you can recruit models online, take out advertisements in local newspapers, distribute fliers on college campuses, or just strike up conversations with random people about trying out a new line of work :)

Adult Videos

If you would like to become a pornstar without the help of an adult talent agency, you can make your own videos for sale at If you have adult videos you have already made or would like to make new ones, pays you 70% revenue share from every one of your videos that sells through their site. All you have to do is sign up, and use your webcam to record videos that you would like to sell. You do not need to have any video editing software, expensive video camera, or know anything about editing videos, it's that easy!

Since the rise of the internet there has also been a rise in the amount of online adult talent agencies. You no longer have to head to an office to audition for representation; you can be your own boss and represent yourself online. By using you can make your videos work for you by having them available for sale for as long as you want. Many well known pornstars got discovered from amateur videos they made online when they first started, and they did not have to send out hundreds of portfolios to talent agencies just to get an interview!

Adult Talent Agencies

We hope this guide has been helpful and given you an insight into working with adult talent agencies and the adult industry in general. Best of luck in doing something you love!