Adult Talent Agency Representation and Fees

Thousands of people around the world make a fantastic living out of working in the adult talent industry. Obviously it is not a career for everyone, but for those who enjoy that lifestyle it can be an immensely rewarding and fulfilling career.

In this guide we shall look at what is involved in getting adult talent representation and the fees involved.

Representation and Fees 1

Why Do You Need Adult Talent Agency Representation?

The purpose of adult talent agency representation is to make your life easier and to maximize your chances of getting ahead in the adult talent industry.

Adult talent agencies work on your behalf to find you work in a range of areas that you have specified interest in. Trying to find the work on your own can be incredibly time consuming and producers are less likely to hire a freelance adult talent than one that is agency represented.

Representation and Fees 2

It is important to have the representation as it shows that you are professional, committed and have been selected out of thousands of others to be represented by that agency.

The adult talent agency also provides you with important advice and guidance which can be invaluable to someone starting out in the business. They can prevent you from making pitfalls and mistakes that many amateurs might fall for. The agency also knows all the legalities of working in the adult industry so they can read over any potential contracts to make sure you are safe and are getting a good deal.

In short, as well as helping you find work an agency can also give you assurance and peace of mind when working in the industry.

Representation and Fees 3

How to get Adult Talent Agency Representation?

Getting represented by an adult talent agency is either for some than others. If you have the right look and style that they are after then it can be incredibly easy. Some of the highly-regarded adult talent agencies are notoriously hard to get representation by – but there are plenty of smaller ones that can be easier.

The first step to becoming represented by an adult talent agency is to make sure you have a good, well written and presented resume and some professional photos. Most adult talent agencies require a minimum of three photos – usually a head shot, a nude body photo and a glamour or fashion photo of your choice. These should be professionally done as they are what the agency will be sending out to potential clients if you do end up being represented by them.

Once you have your resume and photos ready, you are ready to approach some adult talent agencies. It is best to apply to as many as possible to maximize your chance of getting an interview and then getting represented.

Representation and Fees 4

You should look in your local directory – either online or the hard copy version of it – to find listings of all the adult talent agencies in your area. Not all towns and cities will have an adult talent agency and you may have to be prepared to travel.

Some adult talent agencies represent talent from all around the country even if you are not close to their office. Usually you can find these by searching online – and they usually have online application forms to fill in where you can insert your resume and photos. While you may not get a lot of work out of these ‘online agencies’, if there is no adult talent agency in your area then it is a good option.

If there are adult talent agencies in your area then you can either phone them up or go in in person to find out more about how to get representation from them. Even if they cannot offer you representation they may be able to offer you good advice on what you should do and who to contact about representation.

The best advice is just to put yourself out there – you won’t get represented sitting at home thinking about it!

Representation and Fees 5

Fees for getting Adult Talent Agency Representation

Adult talent agencies, as well as any type of talent agency, should not charge you a fee for being represented if they are reputable.

Always be weary of agencies that try and charge you a sign-up fee. If the talent agency thinks you have potential then they do not need to charge you a fee as they make money off of you when they get you work.

Remember that you are making them money in the same way that they are helping you to make money. If they do try and charge you a fee then get them to justify why a fee is required.